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GraphiSoft ArchiCAD 20 – top review of stripped back version


GraphiSoft ArchiCAD 20 is marketed as a break-through application in design data management opening new horizons for designers and engineers. GraphiSoft was the initiator of providing a full fledged 3D modeler to personal computers of developers, designers and engineers. This happened in mid 80s and still the company keeps the leadership of BIM though being far from top sellers.

The company itself claims this release to be a breath of fresh air and a new look at BIM. This version has focused around the necessities of end users. Whether this is true or not we will discover in our review.

User interface

The designers of the software has remodeled the user screen into three parts: background, icons and text. The interface of a previous version was too heavy with buttons, icons and elements, making user experience complicated and stressed. Numerous icons distracted the attention of a user and made it hard to detect a necessary element in a mess of signs and icons. All the graphical noise was eliminated leaving the interface simple and clear.

The new interface of GraphiSoft ArchiCAD 20 features thinner lines, uniformed button size and a limited set of commands being available by default. The set of features being always on top was selected basing on user feedback. Our experts claim that now the interface has become slimmer and simpler to comprehend. All the icons are now redesigned. They have got more logic and clear signs and meaning.

Design and modeling process updates

Together with interface updates the new version GraphiSoft ArchiCAD 20 has updated key features. For example, one of the most prominent updates is 3D modeling and perspective. From now on a user can simply shift from 3D view to two dimension perspective with a single click.

The developers also focused on upgrading the key CineRender feature, the software is so much loved and appreciated for. The option is still based on 4D Cinema with a scope of noticeable changes. Users will notice improved surfacing, sufficiently reduced rendering time, more realistic shadowing result, multiple reflection layers are now supported together with improved tuning and setting of such controls as blurring and distant dimming.

Improved data processing

The developers claim new ArchiCAD to be a breakthrough in data management. Users will notice enhanced approach to how data are imported, processed and displayed in the project. From now on the software easily accumulated data from multiple sources and renders them to display in a set format.

While previous versions of GraphiSoft ArchiCAD 20 showed data in tags, folders and categories. The new release uses artificial intelligence algorithm to estimate how a user applies the data and groups the data according user preferences, addressing frequency and type of project.

The Find and Select tool has become much smarter allowing a user to quickly find a required metadata in a simple click.

Why GraphiSoft ArchiCAD 20 is our choice?

This application combines all necessary tools for architecture design with essential instruments for data management. No other BIM application creates such an full fledged environment for engineers, architects and designers to store and manage data and projects considering all specific needs of the industry.