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How to Buy Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended with Huge Discount

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Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended is a fascinating software for professionals who always want to improve their mastership. The app has many updates; you will need some time before you will be acquainted with all of them.

Among the most noticeable changes, we may figure out a renewed interface (it became darker), a new powerful graphics engine, recovery and auto save feature. The last two features are highly important in case of your system crash; they will let you keep data protected from losing. By the way, now a user may relocate images around the canvas due to Content-Aware Move feature. Thanks to Adaptive Wide Angle filter, now it became possible to fix in-camera lens distortion and a new Oil Paint filter permits you to make paintings without a single brushstroke.

This version contains an ample quantity of features requested by customers. Therefore, now a user may at once change and duplicate the blend mode of multiple layers. Besides, now it is possible to create dotted and dashed lines; one may share presets without difficulties due to Migrate Presets option. One more important feature is a video editor.

However, these are not all innovations that CS6 extended may offer you. The extended edition contains such amazing options like quantitative data extraction, advanced 3D characteristics and a special DICOM support file.