Nero 2016 Platinum – new level of multimedia app or just waste of time


Nero 2016 Platinum is one of the most debated applications for disk copying and burning, creation and processing of multimedia content, playing of all formats of multimedia files, transforming of multimedia content. Most reviewers claim Nero 2016 Platinum to be an ultimate media suite including all necessary tools for working with multimedia. I tried this version of the multimedia processing tool and I am ready to share my Nero 2016 Platinum review.

Main features

As most of applications of the kind Nero 2016 Platinum features a very convenient library of multimedia content. It is well organized and flexible. You will easily bring in order all the mess of audio, video and graphical content stored on your PC with Nero. You can arrange your media files according your preferences or getting them organized by years or in any other way being convenient to you.

The built-in MediaBrowser allows to quickly find a necessary piece of content with zero efforts. Everything is now accessible in one click.

Nero Video is a key editing and creating feature of the kit. The option allows you to create, edit and play your video projects. What is more, you do not need any specific knowledge of video editing as required in any other design and editing software specifically developed for multimedia content. Nero is user oriented and is aimed at wide target audience. Due to intuitively clear interface and simple logic of tabs and tools on the panel, an average user will be able to edit a video, cut it, crop the video, add audio and graphical content. Flexible settings allow to edit a video file to get maximum quality of the initial file.

Nero Recode is another great feature of the application allowing to create an exact copy of any CD or DVD or even a Blu-Ray disk converting video file in any supported format. The application supports a wide range of formats (I will omit listing the formats as this will take a bigger part of the screen).

Nero ROM is one of the most widely used and known options of Nero application. Weird as it is, but most users do not know about all the scope of options available in the application. For fast burning of any disk in any format you can use Express burning option. It allows to copy all necessary media files or a media project to a disk without additional settings, as it is. This takes less efforts and provides great results when time matters.

One of my favorite options is Disk to Device allowing to rip and copy all the files from CD or DVD or Blu-Ray to your PC.

Nero 2016 Platinum creates a full fledged environment for managing multimedia content on your PC. Together with simple playing and copying, Nero turns into a creative suite offering you simple, yet powerful video editor and cover creator to get a professionally designed disk with your media projects.

Though there are numerous alternatives on the market, still I cannot switch to any other environment due to simple logic and fast operation of Nero 2016 Platinum.