Nik Software

Nik Software Complete Collection 2014

Nik Software Complete Collection 2014 is the fullest collection of plug-ins from one of the best manufacturer of plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop. This collection comprises the fullest suit of plug-ins for one of the greatest software for photo editing. This set consists of the following plug-ins:

• Dfine,
• Viveza,
• Color Efex Pro,
• Silver Efex Pro,
• HDR Efex Pro,
• Sharpener Pro.

Due to this collection, your photos will surely become better. You can easily set picture sharpness of photos, perform color correcting, refinement, stylization and get rid of various types of noise. Besides, users of Nik Software complete Collection can make their photos brighter, set hardness and color consistency of certain objects and spheres of photo.

Some plug-ins are designed for the purpose of helping photographers simplify the process of their work. Viveza is regarded as one of the most useful applications in this set. This plug-in expands functionality of this suite for editing of images in Photoshop. This application is able to determine necessary objects and creates masks on an automatic basis. This is a real opportunity for specialists to work more productively.

Licensed software is guarantee of quality. If you work with Adobe Photoshop every day and image editing takes too much of your time, this collection of plug-ins will be really useful for you.